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About us

TRIGON Ltd. is a small sized company, established in 1994. Its scope of activity covers development and small series manufacturing of vehicle electronic, automatic systems, supply of production output related commercial and service activities and technical research and development of connecting to the scope of activity.

Fields of activity:

The key competences of the enterprise:

 Research and development of motor vehicle drivetrain control systems, semi- automatic systems for gearboxes, drivetrain and clutch operation systems for commercial vehicles

 Research and development of advanced energy technologies for vehicles, alternative vehicle drives (electronic, hybrid drives, special drive technologies, braking energy recuperation)

 Development and manufacturing of experimental technology and examination devices for motor vehicle components


Electronic throttle control systems, electronic control unit for anti-jackknife, electronic throttle control system for railway application, pneumo-electronic gearshift operating systems (AMT), other unique vehicle electronic units, test benches. Its research field: alternative drives, drive technologies, integrated drive units

Application fields of TRIGON products

TRIGON’s most important values are embodied in intellectual values and rights related to this.
The R&D projects are financed from own resources, European Union and governmental grants. TRIGON Electronica Ltd. and its majority owner has the full ownership regarding the created intellectual results and related rights.

TRIGON is the leader company of Hungarian Automotive Innovation Consortium (MGI Consortium). It has been the strategic R&D partner of Knorr Bremse international company for 10 years. Its professional relations are remarkable in international respect as well. TRIGON has cooperation agreement with Aventics Hungary Ltd, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Óbuda University, University of Miskolc and John von Neumann University. These relations are references.

Our company has achieved remarkable patented results in R&D of alternative drive units for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for several years. Currently we are developing a particularly energy-efficient full-electric drive unit.

Our R & D capacity can be flexibly expanded according to the volume of orders because it functions as a virtual knowledge center as the leader of the MGI Consortium. Some of our R & D results can be visited in our website. Please note that we have not provided any information about ongoing projects that are under industrial property procedure.