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Anti jack-knife controller electronics      

Controller unit has been developed for operating of anti-jacknife’s hydraulic developed by JÁFI-Autókut Ltd. (Buses with push type articulation – or in other words rear engined buses – need for stiffening the articulation according to the steering angle and other parameters towards proper steering ability and cornering stability). The first version of the controller unit was cast aluminum, the second version was fitted into plastic case. 
Remote throttle control system for railway vehicles                                             
Its operation is similar to the above mentioned throttle control, but in this case, the system’s base signal is given by a hand-operated controller instead of pedal. It is available with higher powered actuator and emergency slave cylinder, too.
Clutch operating systems

Clutch operating system consists of a pneumatic or pneumo-hydraulic actuator, a valve-block, control unit and wiring harness.  In case of simple servo application, the controller is installed into the pedal.
Clutch operating can be installed as well as a part of EGS system, in this case the control is executed by EGS ECU.
Electronically controlled gearbox operating systems                     Detailed description
Our company developed more kind of gearbox operating systems, the EGS (Easy Gear System) system became the most popular product from among. Main components of the system: joystick, display, computer, electro-pneumatic shift actuator, electro-pneumatic selecting actuator, TRIGON EPC clutch pedal and clutch slave cylinder.
System is capable of semi-automated operating of 8-speed gearbox. Easy and simple gearbox handling can be achieved by the system. Driver can select the desired gear by moving the joystick. The display shows flickering the number of the selected gear. Driver has to operate the clutch at start, but otherwise it is not necessary on the way. The clutch operation is automatic. After the clutch disengages, computer shifts the gearbox into the desired gear by electro-pneumatic slave cylinders. End of the gear change is indicated by sound and the display continuously shows the number of the actual gear.
Remote throttle control system
System is capable of throttle control of various vehicles’ engine.
It consists of 3 main parts, pedal, controller and actuator. Actuator is made in 3 versions.

For diesel metering with linear move driven by ETC2 DC motor. 

ETC5 for rotating gas engines.

ETC6 with revolver magnet, that is integrated into the butterfly valve of gas engines.
Serial produced vehicle parts

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Electro hydraulic clutch operating systems for cars